South West Unite to Survive Open Call Sunday 1st October

📣 📣 Announcing the next South West Unite to Survive Open Call!

📌 Sunday 1st October 2023, 6-7pm

➡️ Register here:

💬 Come along to our open call and find out how you can join in with our family friendly protest in Bath on Saturday 28th October

🌳 Need ‘Unite to Survive’ leaflets for your group?

💪🏾 Want to help us bring other partners and allies on board? Template letter here:

🏡 Live in Bath, Bristol or Newport and want to offer accommodation, a community space, space in your home or parking for a camper van on your driveway? Please fill this in:

See you on the 1st October! If you have any questions please contact

All are invited to the South West Unite to Survive Open Call on Sunday 10 September, 6-7pm

We are holding an Open Call (on zoom) on Sunday 10th September at 6pm – 7pm. You can ask questions and share ideas about a South West family friendly protest happening in Bath on Saturday 28 Oct.

We want to invite everyone, and for everyone to feel welcome!

Just like the day itself, anyone from any nature, climate and social justice group is invited to attend the open call, so please tell your friends!

If you are a member of any social justice, nature, or climate groups, please consider speaking to your group co-ordinator about coming to the zoom open call (OR, here is a suggested invitation letter which you can copy to send to your group)

We will make this Open Call as accessible as possible, so do contact in advance if you have any access issues

Register for the call here:

We look forward to seeing you there!

South West Unite to Survive Protest 28th October!

Updated 20th September 2023

Along with allies and partners, there will be a South West family-friendly protest happening in Bath on Saturday 28 Oct, 9-5pm

We want to invite everyone, and for everyone to feel welcome!

All nature, climate and social justice groups are invited to create the day with us. The day will include a diverse programme of engaging speakers, creative performers, stalls and more.

Unite to Survive will be a family friendly, welcoming protest. Individuals and groups from all over the South West will gather for the day as a community to send strong messages to our local MPs.

We already have allies on board including
Surfers Against Sewage
Friends of the Earth Bristol
Stop Rosebank
Christian Climate Action
Bath Transition
Stop the War Coalition Bath
Parents for the Future Bath and Bristol
Climate Choir Movement
Mogg Watch
Frome Families for the Future
Shift Bristol
Bristol Airport Action Network

….with more partners joining all the time!

If you want to find out more then please come to the Open Call on 1st October!

We welcome everyone to the day and there will be a rally, a spectacularly creative march (bring your costumes, banners and flags) which will be accessible, wheelchair and family friendly, as well as stalls, workshops and music.

We will be at Victoria Park in Bath from 9-5, please join us when you can!

When we held the original ‘Unite To Survive’ protest in London in April this year, we worked with 200 partner organisations. It would be great if we could do this in the South West.
If you are a member of any social justice, nature, or climate groups, please consider speaking to your group about being involved in October. Feel free to contact us directly on Please share !

Our Leaders Fiddle while Rhodes Burns

It’s inspiring to see the commitment of so many ordinary people to take action in the face of ongoing climate catastrophes.

With over 100 actions across the UK since #TheBigOne, the dedication to raising awareness and demanding urgent climate action is undeniable.
From peaceful protests to creative demonstrations, XR rebels are making their voices heard. The collective efforts are a reminder that each action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger movement for change.

A BIG THANK YOU, love and gratitude to all rebels for your tremendous efforts!

We must continue to unite across movements until world leaders tell the truth, act now, and empower citizens’ assemblies.
It is time to reach out, recruit, and rebel⁣. We are stronger together!

Find out how to join us and get involved – see the local group map here

Deciding together means power together

We demand a culture of participation, fairness and transparency.
Transforming public governance to serve the common good has become critical to the survival of all species. Without it, we will continue along the course toward total system collapse.
Citizens’ assemblies are a structured way for a group of people to discuss issues or make decisions collectively so that all voices are heard and valued equally and no one person or group dominates the discussion.
Throughout history, people from all over the globe have used citizens’ assemblies to come together and achieve great things, addressing topics such as healthcare, urban planning, and measures to reduce emissions, increase renewable energy, and promote sustainability.
While concern for our planet is strong, we must bridge the gap between awareness and action. This change requires us to delve deeper, to engage in meaningful conversations that lead to real solutions.
We must rally, push for change, and guide our political leaders toward a sustainable future.
As demand for participatory democracy grows, #citizensassemblies will play a vital role in shaping our future.
Extinction Rebellion – Citizens’ Assembly Page

Eastern Airlines: Bring on Climate Hell

Truro Train station billboards have been adjusted yet again!

Eastern Airlines suddenly gaining a conscience maybe? #bringonclimatehell

(update as of 28 August the billboards are still there!)

XR Devon Drummers at Band Camp 2023

Band Camp 2023 in Llandovery, Wales, this weekend, featured the XR Devon Drummers! #xrrhythms XR Rhythms UK

A wonderful weekend was had by all, meeting lots of new drummers from across the UK and beyond!

Throughout the weekend, there were workshops, jamming sessions, art blocking, yoga and everyone helped volunteer to keep camp up and running. It was really cool to learn some new tunes. If you are interested in joining the XR Devon Drummers band you can find them in Flowerpots Park, Exeter, every Sunday 2-4pm

Please note that other bands are available and we will endeavour to add a list here soon – in the meantime do contact local South West Groups for more info!

Banner drops: Sun, Sea, Sand & Sewage

Just in time for the school holidays, a timely banner drop reminder across our roads, that the South West is plagued with sewage from the illegal dumping of untreated sewage by companies like South West Water and Wessex Water. This weekend banner drops happened up and down the UK to highlight the plight of our rivers, seas and waterways. Not only is this behaviour toxic to our wildlife, but it also represents a terrible public health hazard! But, the government don’t care and the water companies can get away with it. It’s cheaper to pay the paltry fines than it is to fix the problems with the infra-structure (higher bills will soon be zipping their way to us as the water companies pocket record profits at our expense!)

{Pictured is the banner over the M5 near Taunton)

Illegal Coalmine Ffos-y-Fran Colliery Blockaded

Rebels from XR South West, XR Cymru/Wales and XR UK joined forces to shut down an illegal coal mine in South Wales. With determination and defiance, they locked themselves to the boat, disrupting the mining operation and demanding justice.

For over 8 months, the Ffos-y-Fran colliery has operated without a license, mining nearly 300,000 tonnes of coal and releasing close to a million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. The authorities have failed to intervene, allowing this planet-wrecking operation to continue unabated.
But we refuse to stand by while our #Climate suffers.

We’re here to challenge the inaction and make a bold statement:
We are willing to put our liberty on the line because the government and police have failed to act.

Join us in solidarity as we maintain the blockade day and night for at least a week, escalating our action this weekend.

On July 8th, a peaceful mass march organised by No More Coal will converge on the mine with one message: NO MORE DESTRUCTION!

”We encourage hundreds, even thousands, of people to come from all over the country to march on Ffos-y-Fran to tell them that we, the people, say no more.”

An enforcement notice is in effect, giving the mine owners 28 days to cease extraction. But if they appeal, the operations could continue for up to another year. We call on the local council and the Welsh Government to issue a “stop” notice and halt this illegal mining immediately.

Together, we demand accountability.

Join us in the fight for a sustainable future.

Here Comes Everyone: New Strategy 2023/24

Extinction Rebellion has successfully shifted public opinion on the climate and ecological emergency in the last four years, but we know that transforming the political system, social culture, and economy is necessary for a sustainable and equitable future.

The Big One was the start of this strategy, but as we move into the summer and beyond, what does that look like for us as a movement?

The 2023-2024 strategy, Here Comes Everyone, outlines a comprehensive plan. After The Big One in April, Extinction Rebellion’s focus is on growing as a movement, but also looking outward at other organisations, groups, communities, and people. Especially people who care, but are not actively engaging in community activities or activism. Now is the time for anyone to step up and get involved.

XR will be listening to others, learning different perspectives and views on how to move forward, and incorporating, adapting and building a plan on how we can work together towards shared goals. We will not return to Westminster until we have built a critical mass that will turn the tide on inaction on the climate and ecological crisis. The work to do is to bring masses into active participation, protest and non-violent direct action (NVDA).

Inside Extinction Rebellion we will be working on improving how we work. We’ll be working on our internal systems, our Self-organising System (SOS) and building a strong data strategy.

Read the full 2023-2024 strategy: Here Comes Everyone.