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arrest support back office training

15th Aug 2020 - 11:00AM
If you can't attend an action in person then volunteering for the Back Office would mean you're an integral part of the action by working remotely from your own home. Due to the current and ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic the upcoming Rebellion will have the majority of Back Office volunteers working from home. If you want to get involved in the Back Offices for the Rebellion, then this training is key!  
NB: To be involved in Back Office, you will need: - To be able to effectively and comfortably communicate with people over the phone - To be able to use basic computer functions, such as a web browser
This training is aimed at those who want to help out with the Arrest Support Back Office during actions or during Rebellions. This is an essential role in keeping people safe during an action, and to provide ongoing support to our arrestees post actions.
The Back Office receives calls from rebels who have been arrested and from people who have witnessed an arrest by logging the information and communicating with the Police Station Support Coordinators so that Police Station Support can be organised for when rebels are released from custody.
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