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Why We Exist

Even if we get all three of our demands met, unless we can replace the degenerative and toxic system that has been so catastrophic with a better one, we will need to repeat the rebellion all over again.  XR’s third principle: “We need Regenerative cultures” exists to bring regenerative cultural elements into the centre of XR and model them, so that as a movement we are operating in a regenerative way, and modelling the culture we will replace the toxic one with…

What We Do

We seek to model regenerative culture, seeking to learn from all that we do.  

Nature is in a state of perpetual change, and this is the basis of life.  Where the degenerative system seeks to impose it’s static methodology on the changing nature of life, a regenerative culture is constantly seeking to ask questions such as “What is the current state of reality?” and “What is needed now?”.  

In a very real sense “Regen” is the context within which the Rebellion can grow, as such we seek to ensure that all that XR does is modelling regenerative culture.  A key tool in this regard is the “Roots of a Regenerative Culture” training.

Who We Need

Everyone!  We need all rebels to take responsibility for their own regenerative practices and modelling it for everyone else in the rebellion – and beyond.

Get involved

Email us: SWRC@protonmail.com

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