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Why We Exist

The Media and Messaging Working Group works on the story of XR South West, who we are and what we’re about. We publicise XR South West’s actions and events to help spread the word and encourage others to take action.

What We Do

As well as being responsible for XR South West’s social media channels, newsletter and website, we prepare press releases and forge links and working relationships with local journalists. We also collate and share visual content such as photos of actions, inspiring videos and beautiful graphics.

Who We Need

We’d love some extra help in our social media team! There are lots of little jobs – too much for one or two rebels, but just great for a few working together. No experience necessary, just a bit of love and rage. We have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Tasks include:

  • Writing posts and tweets and creating content to raise awareness of both XR and the Climate and Ecological emergency
  • Helping to respond to inbox requests and creating Facebook events
  • Help with messaging strategy and promotion of our non-violent direct actions
  • Helping to get coverage for exciting actions (life after lockdown)
  • Pitching in when we need to respond to certain things quickly.

We’re also always on the lookout for rebels to help out on our other channels (newsletter, press and the website), as well as on the strategic planning, messaging and creative campaigns side of things. If you have creative flair in communication, we have a space for you.

Get involved

e-mail: xr.sw.media@protonmail.com

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