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Why We Exist

The Talks and Trainings working group supports local communities, groups and individuals along their rebel journey by providing talks, trainings and workshops for every level of development.

What We Do

We provide experienced speakers to deliver the Heading for Extinction talk, a great starting point for forming a new local group in your area! We also train people up to become speakers and trainers themselves. We help local groups to organise a variety of workshops, from meeting facilitation training, to non violent direct action (NVDA) training and can link rebels up with trainers covering all interests and all aspects of the movement.

Who We Need

Anyone with a bit of a flair for organising! 

Whether you’re an ace communicator and enjoy planning events and generally linking people up, or are more of a backstage admin type, however much or little time you have to spare, there’s a role for you! 

We are also always on the lookout for experienced public speakers and inspirational educators to support the delivery of talks and workshops both within your communities and across the region.

Get involved

Contact us at xrsw.trainings@gmail.com and we can link you up with local teams in your area.

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