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Indigenous Emergency Global Action

09th Aug 2020 - 12:00AM
Join an urgent call to global action by indigenous leaders from Brazil on Sunday 9th of August. A day of rebellion to sound the alarm on the impact of Covid-19 in indigenous communities and to raise funds for APIB (Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil) to support those affected.
Indigenous people in Brazil are facing unprecedented threats: on top of attacks from government-sanctioned racism, land grabbing and big business, the Covid-19 mortality rate is higher among indigenous than non-indigenous people. Without the needed medical help, too many lives are being lost.
"It's not just a number. Each indigenous body holds an ancestral enchantment. For each indigenous person who dies, part of our collective history dies too" Celia Xakriaba
When: August 9th, 2020.
Street Actions: ‘No More Indigenous Blood Spilt’ Open call - Affinity Groups/Local Groups all around the world are invited to coordinate decentralised, symbolic creative actions in solidarity to draw attention to the great loss of indigenous life and biodiversity loss currently in Bravil. Together rooted in love for life we can bring climate justice to the forefront. *When designing this action please pay careful attention to cultural appropriation, respect for everyone who has lost a loved one due to COVID at this difficult time and the health guidance in your chapter.
‘People Of The Forest’ Projections - Watch this space!!!
Remote Actions:
‘Sacred Moment’ Join our global community as we take a moment to mourn the great loss of indigenous lives due to COVID, along with all the biodiversity lost that relies on the indigenous amazon protectors for survival. As we take this moment (1 minute) of silence (12pm UTC) we invite the world to go to your windows/doorsteps and bang on a drum or pan for a slow rhythmical sacred beat honouring those who have passed. ***join the livestream guided drumming beat - link to follow soon.
‘Genocide = Ecocide’ To show your solidarity with the indigenous then paint your hands red and green, to show the world (with a selfie) you stand together with them in putting a stop to any more life lost. Remember to share with your selfie their crowd funder link, using the hashtag #IndigenousEmergency. Portraits and videos of the indigenous lives lost will also be available to share with your post. **Check back here for further details soon!
Find out more:
Fb link! Donate here to APIB: http://apib.info/donate/?lang=en Telegram Link Public Chat: https://t.me/joinchat/Kj0Y-1hnTkLdZTgyv9lHpg Telegram broadcast channel https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEgVVXRH5nIwDBW7Qw Find out more about APIB: http://apib.info/apib/?lang=en
Please use #IndigenousEmergency when sharing anything related to this action on social media platforms.
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