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No Time to Lose if We Want to Live – hosted by Cornwall – all Welcome

26th Aug 2020 - 11:00AM
A FREE online talk that will shock, inspire and re-enthuse Extinction Rebellion rebels to take action in the next wave of Rebellion.
Or just click this Zoom link 10 minutues before the talk starts: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88528161441
Recent research by eminent scientists has shown that the Earth is warming faster than expected and we may well be much closer to ecological disaster than we thought. Find out more in this powerful and engaging talk and learn how you can play your part in the next wave of Rebellion. There really is no time to lose.
This talk will shock, inspire and re-enthuse the hope that we can do something, and actually have to do something, now to rebel against the forces that are not taking the necessary actions. When we face the facts of our current standing on our dear planet we may feel terrified but with strong voices, the heart, strength and support of others we can make the changes.
We can force the hand of the current rich and powerful . This is a call to arms; arms through tubes for lock-ons, this is a call for action; not just taking part in non-violent direct action but offers of help like feeding someone's cat whilst they are at the Rebellion is all part of Rebellion! This is a call for your help. Please come along, take courage and help all life on this precious, adoring and adorable planet - she is crying out for us to do our best; whatever that may be for you.
This event is tailored to people in Cornwall but all are welcome.
It would be great if you can book, that way you'll receive the Zoom link direct to your inbox and we'll get an idea of numbers. The event is free but you are very welcome to make a donation when you book.
However, you are also very welcome to turn up on the day using this Zoom link (you will need to create a Zoom account) - just click on it ten minutes before the event starts: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88528161441
Please note - if you have not installed Zoom on your device (laptop, phone etc) please do this in good time before the meeting. You can click on the link above at any time and it will prompt you to install Zoom.
We hope to see you there!
This event is part of a whole host of online talks and training sessions that Extinction Rebellion Cornwall are running in the lead up to the We Want to Live Rebellion. Starting on August 28th, we will be joining a UK-wide wave of action to call attention to the overwhelming urgency of the Climate and Ecological Emergency.
To see all events and trainings coming up go here: - https://xrcornwall.eventbrite.co.uk - OR https://www.facebook.com/XRinCornwall/events
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