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XR Foundation Programme: prepare for your ideal role!

07th Jul 2021 - 05:00PM

July 7, 2021, 5:00pm - 9:00pm+18


This is a 4 week part-time programme for people new to XR which aims to give you a thorough grounding in who we are and how we work. Find where in XR you best ‘fit’ and become ready to move straight into a role with one of our amazing teams anywhere across the movement. You'll receive support, personal connections, a solid understanding of our work and all the tools you need for a flying start! This programme will be useful for anyone starting out in XR, whether you have already joined a group or are looking for one. You don’t need any experience of XR, just a can-do attitude, a good internet connection and a minimum of 8 hours per week. The programme consists of (with approximate time commitments): - Zoom trainings (2 hrs/week) - Selected reading and e-learning to check your understanding (2-3 hrs/week) - A personal mentor to guide you (1 hr/week) - Sit-ins on team meetings (1 hr/week) - A weekly get-together with your fellow students (1 hr/week) In your application message please tell us: - A bit about you, your skills, interests and whether you have any existing XR experience - If there are any hours of the day or days of the week you can't make for meetings etc (e.g. I work full time so can't make Mon-Fri 9-5). - Whereabouts you live (town, region/nation) We're working to make XR UK a diverse and inclusive space and we welcome applications from everyone. (If you have less time to spare, or prefer less training, you can apply for one of our lower time-commitment advertised roles directly or go to extinctionrebellion.uk/join-us/ for other ways to join XR.) Apply here: volunteer.extinctionrebellion.uk/role/foundation-programme-prepare-for-your-ideal-role-at-foundat...

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