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Saturday 29 August – Airports and Aviation

As the world returns to ‘business as usual’ we see governments, airports, airlines and the media increasing efforts to fill the skies to pre-pandemic capacity. There should be NO GOING BACK for industries like aviation that make such a huge contribution to the climate and ecological crisis.

The cancellation of Heathrow Airport expansion sent a ‘clear sky’ signal; this is an industry that needs to be scaled back, not promoting and propping up with bailouts.

This is a sector which needs to drastically reduce emissions yet governments are sending a very different signal by allowing increasing flight numbers, airport and runway expansions and no strings attached airline bailouts.

From Bristol to Cornwall local groups are gathering today and marching in a series of creative and non-violent protests to raise awareness of the dangerous impact of the aviation industry on the climate.

The negative impact of airport expansion in Bristol falls most strongly on those who use airports the least, and if the airport expands it will further blight the local area with noise, traffic and air pollution along with its health impacts. Locals have had a taste of flight free skies and can see how it could be.” Kim Creus, Bristol resident.

Today’s actions include:

  • Chew Valley XR, together with a host of community groups and campaigners from across the West and South West are marching from Felton Common to Bristol Airport in a single file socially distanced funeral procession. The funeral theme reflects the many deaths that would be caused by further airport expansion. As well as threatening democracy, Bristol Airport’s planning appeal threatens clean air, quiet, good health and well being. It hastens the death of biodiversity and of people around the world from pollution and climate change. This is a HUGE opportunity to tell the Airport loud and clear that expansion will not be tolerated by local communities: NO to increased pollution and congestion from Airport road traffic, NO to further pollution from flights, NO to greater mental health problems from increased night flights, NO to further destruction of the environment.
  • In Cornwall teams of rebels are interacting with members of the public to raise awareness of plans by Richard Branson to build a Spaceport in Newquay. Many Cornish residents are unaware of these plans and even more unaware that Cornish Council have pledged £12m in support of this project. This action includes gathering support for a petition to Cornwall County Council.
  • In West Cornwall a creative climate crime scene protest is taking place against the Heliport which is currently exceeding noise pollution limits and adding to increasing air pollution levels.

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